Recording Property & Valuables

December 6, 2019

One thing I suggest is for every homeowner to walk through your house and property taking pictures, notes, and recording serial numbers, makes, and models of electronics.   Make a list of valuables, along with a detail list and description.   Record a video and take pictures of all items of value in your home and pictures of the interior and exterior.  Take pictures of outbuildings and the contents.  Of fences and landscaping.   List the makes, models and serial numbers of items such as weed-eaters, lawn mowers, leaf blowers, compressors, generators, any item that you would want recovered or insurance to reimburse the cost needs to be listed, along with pictures and value.    In event of a burglary, theft or damage, law enforcement and/or your insurance will request the serial numbers, makes and models of these items.   When I was an officer more often than not the homeowner did not know the serial numbers, or have pictures of items such as jewelry that would assist in recovering the property. 

If you make an appointment I can come to your house and help you make a list, pictures, record serial numbers, etc.   You should then place in a safe area in case you need this information at a later date.   As I mentioned before, the vast majority of homeowners are not prepared to answer questions from law enforcement or insurance once an event happens. 

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