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Vacant Homes, Seasonal Homes, Rental Homes Or Even Welfare Checks, Patriot Home Watch Is Your Trusted, Go-To Company When You Are Unable To Be There Yourself!

Professional Home Checks!

Did you know that many insurance companies now require routine monitoring of vacant homes as a policy condition and having a professional Home Watch company routinely checking your property assists you in meeting these new insurance requirements?

Additionally, without anyone genuinely looking out for your best interests, instead of you or your guests arriving and enjoying yourself/themselves, you/they could end up spending this precious time chasing down parts, fixing things, or waiting on service people to show up. That's not the way it should go. We can solve that problem and more!
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We provide a custom "Check List" service specifically tailored to our clients...

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Patriot Home Watch uses a comprehensive checklist system for each and every client. We can tailor our professional services for your unique situations, house systems and specific requirements. We can inspect your property on a pre-determined schedule or as-needed. We can perform anything from a simple exterior check of your house, including a checklist and pictures for you, to more in depth checks including, checking the mailbox, interior inspections for water leaks, spoiled food in the fridge, left behind trash, flush and check the toilets and faucets, and the service you need for piece of mind while you are away. Need a vehicle started to maintain the battery, or a covered boat or RV checked to ensure it is still safe and protected, we can do it for you. Imagine a water leak, insect or rodent infestation or broken pipe left for days unknown. We can notify you of these problems, give you and on site assessment and decide a plan of action to solve the problem. We can also meet contractors that you have hired and inspect the work and give you and on site assessment, or we can suggest contractors to use for property damage repair, painting, Heat and Air or installing an alarm system.

Key-Holder & After-Hours Emergency Response...

In almost every town, emergency services are typically dispatched to centrally monitored alarms. However, they do not enter the home unless there are visible signs of distress, such as smoke or physical injury. As a result, firefighters and police officers are strictly limited to exterior inspections only. Without a designated key holder at the residence, emergency personnel will not enter your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners return to find unexpected damage or losses. Should you be contacted by local law enforcement, security company, fire department, or neighbor, we will go to your home and meet with the authorities, then do a visual inspection assessment and report back to you with our findings. Before we leave we will make sure your home is properly secured and re-armed.
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In addition to our Basic Home Watch Services, we can also take care of these additional items:
Alarm Response Service
Trash Can & Recycling Management
Houseplant Care
Stored Vehicle Start Up For Auto, Water Craft Or RV
Schedule And/Or Meet Contractors
Seasonal House Closing/Opening Services
Food Cold Storage Fridge/Freezer Monitoring
Scheduled Change Out Of Air Filters
Meet Delivery & Service Providers
Mail Collection/Forwarding Service
Pre & Post – Storm Inspections Ensure Board-up Or Tarping
Manage Remodel Projects
Replace Batteries On Smoke & CO Detectors
Package Acceptance Service
Insect/Pest Damage
Water Leak / Damage Inspection
Take Photos Of Property & Personal Items / Serial Numbers
Landscape / Pool Maintenance Monitoring
Let Us Customize A Solution For You!
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